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Our Purpose

Members of our charity found our purpose on a mission trip to Panama.  The children at Trisker Orphanage stole our hearts & a year later Pick It Forward for Orphans was born. Our children's 501c3 nonprofit organization aims to better the lives of children that are orphaned around the world or who may have been placed in foster care in our local community, to include parishes in Northwest Louisiana.



Your donations are exempt from federal and state income tax and make a world of difference to the lives of children in need.  Pick It Forward for Orphans has provided financial support to build a playground & a teenage girls’ dorm for pregnant teenagers and teen mothers with infants at Trisker orphanage in Panama. It has also supported local foster care programs.


We offer volunteer opportunities for enthusiastic people who want to help children. If you’re looking for a smaller organization where you can make a difference in children's lives, we could use your help. We do a variety of fundraising to include garage sales, Purses for Panama, fishing tournaments, golf tournaments, etc.  We also welcome volunteers who cannot give time but are willing to share their funds through monetary donations.

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Our Story

Pick It Forward For Orphans in Haughton, Louisiana, is a nonprofit organization providing invaluable youth services for vulnerable children locally and around the world. Organized by dedicated volunteers who love Christ, we feel called to create a way for others to share a portion of their hearts and homes for vulnerable children to include children that have been orphaned or placed in foster care.

Many members of our group went on a mission trip to Panama in 2013. We saw firsthand how the children did not have a playground, so we held a garage sale to raise money for equipment. After the sale raised more than $3,000, we realized that if we became organized, we could continue to raise money to support projects for orphans in several places across the globe and for children placed in foster care in our local community .
                Donations and funds raised
will provide economic, physical, medical, educational, emotional, and spiritual support for orphans
Contact us in Haughton, Louisiana, to find out how you can make a difference by supporting our nonprofit organization.
 Proudly Serving Orphans Globally and Children Placed in Foster Care in Northwest Louisiana | Like us on Facebook™!

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