Nonprofit Organization

Philanthropic Children's Charity

Pick It Forward For Orphans in Haughton, Louisiana, is a children's charity that is dedicated to improving the economic, physical, medical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of vulnerable children locally and around the world. 

Mission Trips

On an ongoing basis, teams of missionaries go to Trisker Orphanage, a rural orphanage in Boquete, Panama.  The mission teams do amazing work, to include, painting (you can see the beautiful colors on the walls in the picture at the top of this page), providing critical medications to prevent healthcare issues, construction projects, vacation bible school activities, cooking, devotions, activities with the children, singing, and relationship building with those that care for the children.  Funds raised by Pick It Forward for Orphans support these mission trips by purchasing supplies for the children and for projects so that the teams can be the face, hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  

Make a Difference

You can make monetary donations to our organization, but there are other ways to contribute. If you have items in your home, garage, or yard that you no longer use, consider donating them to us for resale. Pick It Forward for Orphans will have multiple fundraisers throughout the year, these will give you the opportunity to support Pick It Forward as a participant or volunteer! Watch for current fundraisers on the fundraiser page. Soon, there will also be products for sale on the website.   We became a 501c3 charitable organization on January 1, 2014.  All approved IRS donations are tax deductible. 

…..since 2014

Pick It Forward for Orphans has (selected, can’t list everything ):

  • Built a life skills classroom at Trisker Orphanage in Boquete, Panama for teenage girls that are pregnant or have an infant.
  • Hired a fulltime missionary-mentor-teacher for Trisker Orphanage in Boquete, Panama.
  • Provided financial support to Royal Family Kids Camp for foster children in Minden, La.
  • Provided a $1000 donation to Geaux Bags for office shelving and provided volunteers to put Geaux bags together.
  • Supported building a school sized playground at Trisker.
  • Purchased a computer & school uniforms for 25 orphans for Victory World Outreach in Tanzania, Africa.
  • Donated $1000.00 to Danita’s Orphanage in Haiti to feed orphans that are severely malnourished.
  • Supported building a girls dorm for pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers with infants.
  • Purchased a tiller for Arturo Miro a boys orphanage in Boquete, Panama.
  • Provided support for multiple mission trips by purchasing supplies for the children and projects so the teams can be the face, hands, and feet of Jesus Christ.

Our small organization is proof that with a kind heart &
good intentions, and a loving God, great things are possible.

Contact us in Haughton, Louisiana, to help those in need by donating to our children's charity.